The finest people possess a sense of beauty, the courage to take risks, and the discipline to tell the truth... Ernest Hemingway

Our Story: We are an owner-managed agency and were founded by Managing Director Kristina Meie in 2010 (first as a duo and later as sole owner since 2016). Manageable enough to make every client a priority and powerful enough to make even large projects successful.


What we do really well: Reinterpreting classic PR and expanding it to include new channels and trends so that companies and brands are communicated to the right people.


At our core: People. This applies to the stories around the brands and companies which we always, in the final analysis, tell for people.


This also applies to our relationship with our clients, who are our partners, and to our attitude toward journalists, influencers, opinion makers and consumers. And above all, this applies to our coexistence and the way we work together as a team. The people behind COR Berlin Kommunikation are the heartbeat that makes the agency come alive.


What inspires us? Topics that make life more beautiful. The desire to deliver outstanding quality. To constantly learn. And we strive to create an environment that gives everyone the space to develop where they can remain curious and where they can always be humane despite all challenges. After all, it is the interaction with people that makes the job in this industry so exciting, diverse and motivating.