About us

COR Berlin is passion for brands, communications and life itself. Because enthusiasm is a necessity to produce exceptional ideas; dynamic concepts and infectious communications. Since founding the agency in summer 2010 we have been working for brands and clients who inspire us, making our hearts beat faster.

We see communications as being not abstract but instead depending on the people behind them. The creativity, inventiveness and motivation of these people bring communications to life and make them relevant.

Today the agency employs 15 staff members in the fields of brand communications, PR and social media, working together to meet all our clients’ needs, from concept design to realization. All of them have one thing in common – they allow themselves to get fired up about great ideas without losing their eye for the details.

And our name? It encapsulates in a nutshell everything which makes us special. It consists of COR, the Latin word for heart, and our location. Because our mind-set and actions are based on enthusiasm and passion. And motivated by Berlin, the city which has re-invented itself many times over; which never stops; is becoming ever more international without losing its local colour and is, time and again, our inspiration.