The finest people possess a sense of beauty, the courage to take risks, and the discipline to tell the truth... Ernest Hemingway

Founded in 2010, COR Berlin Kommunikation is an owner-managed boutique agency with sound knowledge and a passion for networking and bringing the right people together. At the center of it all is our enthusiasm for brands that inspire and make life a little more interesting. 


We seize opportunities, offer advice, provide clarity, and help to position brand champions as well as niche products – multi-layered and versatile, intelligent, target-oriented and contemporary. People are always at the heart of what we do.


What drives us as a team? Topics that make life more enjoyable and fill it with content as well as the desire to deliver outstanding quality, to keep learning, and to create an environment that gives everyone the space to develop. Interaction with people is what makes our job in this industry so exciting, varied, and motivating.