Classic media, social media from LinkedIn to Instagram to TikTok, direct consumer targeting or entirely new worlds in the metaverse of the future: In a multifaceted (media) world, we translate storytelling to all matching channels and target groups.


Our clients are our partners with whom we pursue common objectives on equal terms and with the highest quality standards. To achieve these shared objectives, we structure, prioritize, and ensure clear navigation through an ever increasing variety of options.

We offer...

PR conception and consulting

Execution requires firstly the concept. When we work with new business partners, we take the time to develop an understanding of the brand, evaluate the status quo, understand the objectives and find the small and big stories or opportunities to tell the story. In doing so, we are honest and sometimes go even where it may hurt.

The result is a well-founded, objective-oriented concept. On this basis we develop measures together with our clients and translate them into project plans with clear responsibilities and deadlines.

Classic media relations(Press material, individual story pitching, press trips, media cooperations and more)

Public Relations comes into its own when it returns to its core - the brand’s relationship to the public. It’s not about competing with performance marketing but about cultivating and maintaining the brand’s foundation upon which the brand’s performance can develop and progress. It pays dividends, particularly in difficult times, when brands and businesses have invested in sustainable relationships with the media, opinion formers and especially to the people who buy the brand.

Our foundation lies in classic PR to which we still count professional media work. This includes knowing the needs of journalists contending with a changing media world and how one translates marketing into public relations. From press releases to topic pitches, from editorial visits and interviews to press trips and press events.

Red Carpet PR

We are not looking for the appearance but rather for the humanity in the people behind the spotlight when we are taking care of celebrities on the red carpet. We benefit from our long-established network of photographers, TV teams and media, as well as our experience in supporting major events from opera galas to the GQ Men of the Year award plus campaign celebrity PR from Berlin to Cannes.


Influencer marketing

We were there from the beginning: It began with bloggers, then Facebook, continued on to YouTube until Instagram created the influencers and now TikTok is rallying GenZ. We have viewed the digital world, and all new channels within, as an opportunity to communicate to people since our foundation in 2010. We continually adapt to the channel and its actors when we tell our stories and create our content. At the same time we maintain our distance, thereby allowing us to be analytical, for the benefit of our clients, their budgets and credibility. We verify all partners with whom we work in any new channel according to clearly defined quantitative and quantitative criteria, and we select these partners according to our clients requirements and objectives.

Testimonial consulting

Stories can best be told by people. When these people are well-known and meaningful to the target audience, love the brand they should talk about and when they stand for the values of the brand as well, then these people can be extremely valuable brand ambassadors. We help identify long term or campaign-linked testimonials, establish contact, negotiate contracts and set campaigns in motion. This includes everything from social media to comprehensive communication campaigns.

Issue management and crisis communication

Even though we prefer to focus on the finer things in life, it is our priority to stand by our business partners when things get difficult. It absolutely pays in such times when an agency really knows the brand, the enterprise and people behind them. If we feel that further expert advice is needed in a crisis, we call in consultation without vanity. In managing a crisis, we rely on uncomplicated, prompt and honest dialog with those responsible for the press and the company's management in order to develop customized and appropriate measures. From Q&As to statements, organizing background briefings and interviews, media monitoring and crisis planning.

Content creation for digital and analog - social media content, photo and film productions, podcasts

Consumers’ attention is increasingly won via content and stories with substance irrespective if the consumers are Best Agers, Millennials or Gen Z. Together with our network of creatives that has grown over many years, we create digital and analogue content, i.e. social media content, photo and film productions as well as podcasts.

We create content often as part of PR campaigns, but also independently for our business partners' own channels or for the channels of strategic brand partnerships.

Brand experiences and events for consumers, stakeholders and media

Nothing replaces person to person contact. Even though events are changing while expanding into the digital space and hybrid is more than a buzz word, staging a brand in the real world is still the most immersive and lasting experience. We tell stories with our events, pay attention to detail, and we love playing host. From intimate media invites to multi-day themed platforms with opinion leaders as well as to consumer experiences in real and digital spaces. And as long as the pandemic necessitates, our planning will take great care and consideration for people's safety and reputational safeguarding along with high flexibility.

PR coaching, workshops, lectures

As passionate communicators, we are happy to pass on our knowledge to others. We tailor to individual needs when we organize our analog or completely digital workshops. These include advanced training for internal communications teams or introducing stakeholders to the fundamentals of public relations as well from media relations to influencer communications to individual subject matter such as trend and market insights. We address individual needs and design workshops interactively and collaboratively.