Classic media, social media from LinkedIn to Instagram to TikTok, direct consumer targeting or entirely new worlds in the metaverse of the future: In a multifaceted (media) world, we translate storytelling to all matching channels and target groups.


Our clients are our partners with whom we pursue common objectives on equal terms and with the highest quality standards. To achieve these shared objectives, we structure, prioritize, and ensure clear navigation through an ever increasing variety of options.

We offer...

Strategic Communications Consulting and PR Concepts

A solid concept is the foundation of every execution. First, we take the time to develop an understanding of the brand, analyze the status quo, and set ourselves goals. To do so, we draw on our comprehensive basic knowledge and many years of expertise as communication and consulting experts. We’re creative and like to think outside the box. We’re honest and sometimes go where it hurts. The result is a well-founded, targeted concept on the basis of which we develop measures together with our clients and translate them into project plans with clear responsibilities and deadlines.

Brand Consulting and Market Launch

When people talk about brands, they’ll often have a logo in mind. But there is actually so much more behind a brand and this is where storytelling with the communication of values is the key to success. We help to substantiate and emphasize these values while generating added value, from analysis and strategy to customized processes.

Traditional Media Relations

Public Relations is successful when it focuses on its core – the relationship between brands and people. It pays off when brands and companies have invested in a sustainable relationship with the media, with opinion leaders, and ultimately with consumers. Our foundation lies in traditional PR and professional media relations. This includes our knowledge of the needs of journalists in a changing media landscape and how to translate marketing into press work. From press releases, topic pitches, editorial visits and interviews, to press trips and press events.


Issue Management and Crisis Communication

Even though we prefer to focus on the good things in life, we’re always there to support our business partners when difficult situations arise. It’s a great advantage when an agency really knows the brand, the company, and the people behind it. If we believe that a crisis requires further expert advice, we’ll simply arrange this. 


When it comes to crisis management, we rely on an uncomplicated, quick and honest dialog with those responsible for the press and company management in order to develop customized measures. From Q&As to statements, the organization of background discussions and interviews, media monitoring, workshops, and crisis plans.

Brand Collaborations

Our passion is bringing brands together to create a perfect match, with a focus on shared values and goals. From research to implementation, we offer support every step of the way with our many years of expertise, whether it’s a joint creator collaboration or a capsule collection.

Red Carpet PR

When taking care of celebrities on the red carpet, we’re not looking for a glamorous appearance, but rather the humanity in those in front of the cameras. We benefit from our long-established network of photographers, TV teams, and media, our experience in covering major events such as the Opera Gala and GQ Men of the Year Awards, and celebrity PR campaigns from Berlin to Cannes.

Influencer/Creator Marketing

The key to a successful influencer campaign lies in finding the right people and understanding the target group. Since COR Berlin was founded in 2010, we’ve seen the digital world and all new channels as a chance to communicate with people. We adapt to the channel and its key players when we share our stories and create content. We also use helpful tools such as Creator IQ. However, our relationships with micro-influencers, influencers with the greatest reach, opinion formers, creatives, and the respective management remains our most important tool.

Trend Scouting and Testimonials

Coming up with creative dialogs is our passion as we believe stories are best told by people. In our job, it’s important to find the right people to authentically and individually convey brand messages and values to the target group. We help to find long-term or campaign-related testimonials, negotiate contracts, and implement campaigns, from social media to comprehensive communication campaigns.

Content Creation

Content and stories with substance are becoming increasingly important in the battle for consumers’ attention, whether for mature consumers, millennials, or Gen Z. Together with a network of creatives that has grown over many years, we create content for digital and analog channels: social media, photo and film productions, podcasts.

Brand Experiences and Events

Nothing replaces person-to-person contact. Events may be changing and expanding into the digital space where hybrid is more than just a buzzword, but staging a brand in the real world is still the most immersive and memorable experience. We tell stories with our events for consumers, stakeholders, and media. We always pay attention to detail and love to host, from intimate invite-only media events to multi-day topic platforms with opinion leaders to consumer experiences in the real and digital space.

PR Workshops, Coaching and Talks

As passionate communicators, we’re happy to pass on our knowledge. We organize analog and digital workshops tailored to individual needs. We interactively and collaboratively design customized workshops, whether it’s about training internal communications teams, introducing stakeholders to the basics of PR from media work to influencer communication, or individual topics such as trend and market insights or crisis communication.