The USM Haller modular furniture system with its myriad compositional configurations is considered a design classic; so much so that USM’s designs have been a part of the permanent exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York since 2001. USM Haller and all its product lines embody the vision of unparalleled innovation, the highest quality and exceptional design all of which are emblematic of the Swiss company. In this case, the classic is as modern as ever before. The longevity of USM's products are legendary and are an important contributor to maintaining value and sustainability. COR Berlin

Communikation has been responsible for German-wide communications for the Swiss family brand since 2016 focusing especially on traditional PR and influencer communication as well as B2B and D2C projects.


2018 war das USM WorkHouse Testlabor, Inspirationsquelle und Begegnungsort ...

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Neue Perspektiven auf USM eröffnen, kreative Interpretation der Modularität und eine neue Zielgruppe erreichen – darum geht es bei den Endoresements von Tastemakern für USM... 

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